Risk Of Rain 2 Console Upcoming Update In 2023

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the best rogue-like games on Switch, but Survivors of the Void won’t release for a few more months. This winter was the planned delivery date for the console version of the development. But it now seems we have to wait until next year.

Although having to wait even longer is disheartening. On the good side, this additional time will use to redesign the game for compatibility with PCs and next platforms. Future content upgrades for PCs and consoles should happen more frequently. If you’re curious, this article explains the Risk of Rain 2 console update 2023.

What Is The Risk Of Rain 2 Update for Roadmap?

Risk of Rain 2 console players had a different quality of experience than players on the game’s PC version. They taking the time to rebuild the risk of Rain 2 update 2023 code on a fundamental level. It provides the strongest basis for providing future content and improving the console experience.

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Release Survivors of the Void on consoles before it kicks down the road and settles for an experience unfit for players. They, too, wish you could have it sooner.

Risk Of Rain 2 Console Update

Risk Of Rain 2 Survivors Of The Void Console 2023

Risk of Rain 2’s first expansion, Survivors of the Void, was made available via Steam and the game’s corresponding update on March 1st, 2022. Console versions of the game would follow in 2023.

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The Void’s Gateway has opened up. Its corrosive energy consumed Petrichor V, engulfing the planet in darkness. The Void Creatures have dominated for ages by bringing artifacts from the domain to theirs.

What Risk Of Rain 2 Console Update Have?

The Hidden Realms Update is now available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The game gains new bosses, different layouts, Survivor Acrid’s comeback, and even more wealth. Updates are as follows:


The band Artifacts is debuting on Risk of Rain 2. When equipped at the start of a run, these riches can substantially change the game’s dynamics, adding variety and complexity. By completing in-game tasks, they can get this.

Familiar Monsters, New Level, and Hidden Boss:

Sky Meadow returns as the fifth level of the game. Players will encounter new familiar foes, and a special secret boss waits for those who can find him.

Skill Variants:

Commando, Huntress, Engineer, and Acrid now have access to more unlocking skill varieties, allowing them to astound and be wonderful in new ways.

New Loot:

The survivors will discover new equipment, supplies, and an enigmatic Lunar Item to infiltrate the environment.

Engineering Skin:

Gamers who enjoy engineering can get the skin for their Survivor by successfully completing an in-game job.

Is Risk of Rain 2 Playable Solo?

All of its conflicts involve navigating swarms of creatures, discovering new riches, and escaping the planet. You can play alone or add up to 3 people. Risk of Rain 2 returns with a new dimension and more demanding action.

How Can You Get The Risk of Rain 2 Console DLC?

Choose one of two options to unlock Void Fiend. The first directs you to the Planetarium and requests you complete the game’s alternate ending level. The second technique is a challenge mode with infinite scaling completing Wave 50 of Risk of Rain 2’s Simulacrum.

Is Risk Of Rain 2 Compatible With Consoles?

Because The Risk of Rain 2 is not cross-platform, players on different platforms cannot play together. Although crossplay is unavailable in Risk of Rain 2, the game can play by up to four players on the same platform. They simply cannot connect with players from other platforms.

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