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How To Get Prismatic Jelly In Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you’ll find a wide range of items and materials. Some are relatively easy to obtain through farming, foraging, or as gifts from villagers. However, there are others that require more effort and a detour from your usual routine. Prismatic Jelly falls into this latter category. To acquire this valuable item, you must accept a special order, but keep in mind that it’s only available later on in the first year.

Accepting the Special Order For Prismatic Jelly

The Prismatic Jelly is a rather unique item that can only be obtained when a specific quest is active. However, it will disappear once the quest concludes. It’s important to note that this quest cannot be accepted from Pierre’s bulletin board. Instead, you’ll have to wait until at least Fall 2, Year 1. On this particular day, an event will trigger as you enter Pelican Town from any direction, granting you access to the special order board located outside Mayor Lewis’ house.

Prismatic Jelly In Stardew Valley

This board presents expanded quests that go beyond fetching just one or two items. Instead, you’ll be tasked with completing one or two dozen items. The extra effort required is well worth it, as you’ll have ample time to fulfill these special orders and receive a significantly higher payout. Additionally, completing these orders will earn you a considerable amount of Friendship points with the relevant villagers. Not to mention, most special orders come with a unique recipe, making them truly worthwhile endeavors.

In due time, the special order board shall showcase a quest posted by the Wizard. No prerequisites are required for this quest; you simply need to wait for its appearance. The special order board refreshes on a weekly basis, so I recommend checking in every Monday to see what awaits. It is worth noting that special orders continue to count down even if you have yet to accept them. Thus, it is advisable to accept them promptly, allowing for ample time to work on them.

Imagine accepting the Wizard’s quest on a Friday, only to have a mere couple of days to complete it. Fear not, for you can have multiple special orders active simultaneously, so there is no need to worry if you have not completed one before taking on the Wizards. Once you have accepted his quest from the special order board, it is time to embark on the journey and begin your work and if you are tired of building you can have fun in a live casino online and get the opportunity to earn real money.

Locating Prismatic Jelly

As you may have gathered from the special order description, Prismatic Jelly cannot be made. Instead, you will need to venture into the mines and search for a slime that can spawn as soon as you accept this quest. If you are unaware, you can reach the mines by following the river in Pelican Village to the north, passing the carpenter’s house on your left, and crossing a wooden bridge over the Mountain Pond. Enter the shaft to access the mines. On one of the floors, you will encounter the Prismatic Slime, which must be defeated to obtain your Prismatic Jelly.

Finding the Prismatic Slime

For finding the Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley, it’s recommended to set aside a significant portion of your day. This elusive slime can only appear once the Wizard’s quest is active, and even then, it’s a rare occurrence. Depending on your daily luck, every slime you encounter has the potential to be the Prismatic Slime, and this chance applies to each floor you explore. The initial probability of encountering the Prismatic Slime is 1.2% per slime, but this can be influenced by your luck.

Given the importance of luck, it’s advisable to enter the mines with the highest possible luck stat. This will greatly increase your chances of encountering the Prismatic Slime and completing the special order with plenty of time remaining. Once you’ve accepted the special order, remember to check your TV in your house and consult the fortune teller.

Discover your daily luck with this channel. Unhappy spirits mean bad luck, while joyful spirits bring good fortune. It’s worth venturing into the mines only when the spirits are in high spirits. To further boost your luck, indulge in meals that enhance your luck stat, such as pumpkin soup or fried eel. Equipping the Lucky Ring is another option, but it requires a visit to the Skull Cavern or an extraordinary stroke of luck while panning. Once your luck is on the rise, delve into the mines.

Sooner or later, you’ll come across a Prismatic Slime. For the sake of efficiency, focus on encountering slimes and move to the next floor if none are found. Although not overly challenging, it’s wise to have decent equipment when facing the Prismatic Slime. With 1000 HP and dealing 35 damage, a wooden sword won’t suffice for an easy victory.

That being said, something moderately effective will do. Simply corner the slime and strike it repeatedly. Slimes require a wind-up for their attacks, so trapping it in a corner will give you the upper hand. Once you defeat the Prismatic Slime, it will drop Prismatic Jelly with a 100% chance. Claim your trophy and exit the mines.

Turning in the Prismatic Jelly

Once you have the Prismatic Jelly, your final task is to deliver it to the Wizard in his tower. If you haven’t paid him a visit yet, you can locate his tower on the western side of Cindersap Forest, just south of the entrance to the Secret Woods. Enter the tower and have a conversation with the Wizard to complete the quest. Any remaining Prismatic Jellies in your inventory will be consumed, and Prismatic Slimes will no longer appear. Don’t worry about missing out, though; Prismatic Jelly has no value other than for this quest, so there’s no need to collect more than one.

As a reward for completing this quest, you’ll receive a generous sum of 5,000 gold and the recipe to craft Monster Musk. This item proves quite useful for similar quests, as it doubles the number of monsters you encounter in dungeons for 10 minutes. It’s perfect for farming monster drops or tackling quests for the Adventurer’s Guild.

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