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Gran Turismo 7 Engine Swap List | Compatibility Review

The new update ‘update 1.27’ entered the world of Gran Turismo 7 in which we can swap engines in the ‘Gift’ section of our garage. Due to this update, the possibility to swap engines was not a big deal. We cannot simply buy the engine and then swap it, we have to earn the roulette tickets for swapping the engines.

Which engine swaps are available in GT7?

Swapping the engine is a mechanism introduced in the Gran Turismo 7. In this mechanism, we cannot install an engine into any car which is in our collection and we also cannot buy the engine directly from the garage or manufacturer’s store.

Engine Swap List of Gran Turismo 7

The only by which we can get engines to swap is through roulette tickets. Getting roulette tickets is possible by doing daily tasks on time and due to the completion of these tasks we are able to win random prizes.

How to get Roulette Tickets?

The roulette tickets have star ratings ranging from 1-6 which can give you prizes, cashback, and free cars. In these 6-star ratings, an engine swap is at number 4. But there is no surety of getting these tickets because it is totally based on our luck.

The 4-star roulette ticket looks like this:

Gran Turismo 7 engine swaps

Some of the engine swaps in Gran Turismo 7 are discussed here:


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Purpose of Engine Swap in Gran Turismo 7

In GT7, an engine swap is used for engine modifications in our car to improve the overall performance of the car.

How do you unlock upgrades in Gran Turismo 7?

When we keep proceeding with the game and complete the ‘Menu Books’ then we are able to unlock the upgrade from the GT Cafe.

How long does it take to get 100% on Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 consists of more than 420 cars and we have to play over 50 hours and complete 100 tracks then we are able to get 100% on Gran Turismo 7.

What makes a clean race in Gran Turismo 7?

If we complete the race without going off-course or striking other cars, then the ‘Clean Race’ bonus will be added to your credit.

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