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Best CS:GO Smoke Spots in Dust 2 for Long Distance

Dust 2 is one of the most-played CSGO maps. Therefore learning all the optimal throw angles and locations for smoke grenades will help you advance your skills. In Counter-Strike, smoke grenades are one of your loadout’s most useful weapons. They allow you to design your angles for each engagement and can obscure crucial lines of sight.

Additionally, they are essential for pushing particular locations in CSGO. Knowing the finest smoke areas on a map as necessary as Dust 2 gives you the upper hand against your adversaries, whether you are a rookie player just starting in the game or an experienced player with years of expertise. The best smoke spots dust 2 is the topic covered in this CSGO guide.

CSGO: Dust 2 Smokes Spots 2023

Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

The first step to getting the upper hand on an enemy is learning when and where to deploy smoke bombs. I’ve developed a list of the top CSGO smoke spots in Dust 2 to make your job easier:

T Spawn To Middle X-Box

Stand yourself in the position at the T spawn corner. Straighten your aim and align the crosshair with the top of the chimney. Click the left mouse button, then click the designated Jump Throw key. The middle x-box will receive a direct hit from the smoke grenade, obstructing CTs’ views of Catwalk.

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Long Corner Smoke

A frequent location for smoking and engaging in combat with Counter-Terrorists is the long corner. Smoking is relatively simple in this area, and it can assist in concealing the vision of CTs guarding the Long Door.

As the CTs scramble to locate a new position, you may swiftly enter through the large doors, and before they know it, you can eliminate them from the back. They won’t notice you approaching.

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Dust 2 CT Smoke From Long

Cross in A Site can assist you in preventing Catwalk and CT from spawning, but you’ll need two smoke grenades to cover the entire region, and if you don’t do it right, you could get into serious trouble. I advise you to enlist the aid of your teammates to prevent an accident from happening.

Catwalk Smoking

Catwalk smoking is regarded as one of the best defensive smoking techniques and will put your defensive skills to the test. Unless the enemies extend further, it fully closes off the catwalk.

Since it is improbable that adversaries will push through the smoke with the uncertainty of what may come next, the best way to utilize this approach is to use it on the catwalk and then keep an eye out for them for a long time.

Upper Tunnels To B Site

Aim for the large dark area on the tunnel wall while standing in the center of the pillar in the Upper Tunnel. As shown in the image, move your crosshair a little bit to the left of the target.

When the left mouse button is hit, a smoke grenade will be thrown at the entrance to the tunnel, blocking the view from B Doors and B Site. The adversaries can still observe from the box positioned just before the tunnel.

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Upper Tunnels To B Doors

Put yourself squarely in the center of the little container in the Upper Tunnels. Move the crosshair above the spot where the pillar and the wood meet while looking straight up.

Dust 2 Mid-Door Smoke

It is where you risk murder most of the time, but if you continually practice your talents, you might be able to hang onto this position. If there are any CTs, they can cover a push from Catwalk onto A Short. If you wish to late rotate through T Spawn, use this as a cover.

CT Spawn To Middle

At the beginning of the round, you can use this smoke location to aid you in rushing from CT Spawn to Lower Tunnels and Mid. Aim for the power pole perched on the left CT Spawn wall’s edge. It is vertically straight over the edge of the block atop the gate by moving it from the pole to the right.

Run a little further back and throw the smoke. It will land in the middle and obstruct the snipers’ vision from the top of the middle.

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B Window from Upper Tunnels

You can use this smoke toss to block off the Window on B Site on Dust 2 and frighten away anyone who is leaning out the Window onto Tunnels. As a result, your squad can push during the attempt to take the site more easily.

This throw is available from Upper Tunnels. There are also minor variations based on the server’s tick rate. Here is the Dust 2 hinge smoke 64 tick:

How Do You Practice Smoking Dust 2?

Put yourself outside the T Spawn in between the boxes. Aim directly above the third pattern in the given row, stopping the crosshair above the wire. Release the Smoke Grenade and stay still.

Is Dust 2 T Or CT Sided?

Dust 2’s dusty layout greatly favors the T side. According to some metrics, Dust 2 is the CSGO map with the least CT sides. Unless an AWPer is defending at a long distance, it is rather simple for Ts to break into a wide-open A bombsite.

Is Dust 2 The Ideal Map?

In Dust 2, all the subtle details of the map mesh together flawlessly. All FPS players have their favorite maps, but Dust 2 has a level of consistency that has made it the best map ever designed, even more than 10 years after it creates.

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